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In 2011, we launched our Leadership Development Program (LDP) which was primarily a leadership framework used in the structured development of our Supervisory and Managerial level employees within the Interflour Group.

 The LDP basically outlines the key leadership development solution, skills and knowledge required at the various stages in the leadership development pipeline.

Through the LDP, we ensure that all our potential and existing Supervisors and Managers are systematically and appropriately developed for their existing and or future roles in Interflour.
In line with the Leadership Development Program (LDP), the "Problem Solving & Decision Making" (PSDM) module was rolled down in all our Business Units.

At the PSDM training, our colleagues learnt the skills to be creative in their approaches to solving problems, proactively identifying, and applying coaching in the problem solving process in order to make their work more effective.

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