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During a recent interview conducted by the Star newspaper (the people’s paper), Interflour Holdings Malaysia Chief Executive Officer, Alex Lee talked about the flour industry in Malaysia in the early 1970s.

 “There were only three major players back then. One was Malayan Flour, Federal Flour and United Malayan. Consumption then was relatively small, at about 260,000 tonnes per year, choices were also limited and flour was packed in 50lb (22.68kg) calico sacks. The empty calico bags were recycled into cleaning rags and some creative entrepreneurs also turned them into shorts, aprons shirts, pants and caps. There was also limited technical service for the flour ursers”.

As of 2013, there are no less than 14 flour mills in the country importing some .1.5 million tones of wheat yearly. Nationwide, Malaysians now consume 960,0000 tonnes of wheat flour per year.

 In addition, during the interview, Alex and Elmar, General Manager of PFM and the Team shared how we have grown in leaps and bounds since then, our success story and looking into the future, Alex considered that the business has only ONE way to go – FORWARD.

 The comprehensive version of this interesting interview is available at :


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