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Interflour blends the best for success

Quality consistency is a major reason behind Interflour's success in the fast-growing flour market.
 "We can secure a continuous supply of the specific wheat for our flour blending," says Greg Harvey, Interflour's Group CEO. "We are also able to blend the best attributes of American Canadian hard wheat with Australian  high-protein wheat to produce the best quality bread flour."
For manufacturers like Interflour, Asia has become an attractive market. "The huge Asian population is beginning to diversify its eating habits and diet, mixing its staple, rice, with alternatives such as flour-based bread and noodles for breakfast or light dinner, or as a in-between meal," says Harvey. And Interflour's quality flour can provide makers of bread, noodles, confectinery and other products with the ideal raw material.
The various types of flour highlighted by Interflour at FHA2010, for example, are high in quality and versatile enough for different applications, from high-quality sandwich bread and Vietnamese baguette to Chinese bao and cakes.
Using new milling technology, Interflour has created different flour varieties while improving on existing ones. It has developed several types of flour, which can cater to different types of bread, such as those high in protein and gluten. For cakes, it can provide flour with more soft/low protein white wheat.
That is definitely good news for the target customers of Interflour including both small-scale and industrial bakeries, as well as hypermarkets and noodle and wonton makers.
The company is present in Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak, Sabah and Indonesia. Given the region's potential, Harvey says Interflour is "always open to strategic alliances and partnerships".
He adds: "We can provide long-term flour-supply contracts to large-volume flour users. At the same time, our Flour Technical Team can provide support and assistance in areas like bread making and noodle manufacturing."
(news as appeared in FHA Show Daily on 20th April 2010)

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