The Interflour Group brings together some of the finest flour mills in Asia with 7 mills operating in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Turkey. Interflour's modern mills have a total milling capacity of approximately 1.5 million tons per year and we are one of the largest flour millers in Asia. Our bulk buying expertise, quality control facilities and attention to detail in wheat procurement, guarantee that only high quality and the most suitable grains are purchased to make the finest flour. To ensure this, the Interflour Group's head office in Singapore coordinates grain purchases and shipping logistics from sources all over the world.

As part of the Interflour Group’s business diversification efforts, we have built a grain handling terminal facility located in Vung Tau, 80km south-east of Ho Chi Minh City. Interflour Vietnam’s grain handling terminal is also licensed to operate as a port facility. In addition to the port, there is a 16 hectares land available near our Grain Port for further expansion.

As part of our strategic business, we have invested on Intertech Asia Sdn Bhd to develop dry natural starter dough called “Panatura” as a booster for making a wide variety of high quality bread.  We have diversified to establish Interflour Trading Ltd. (IFT) in 2012 in Ho Chi Minh City, with the objective  of supplying quality raw materials for flour milling and the feed industry in Vietnam

Interflour Flour Milling Business
Interflour has 7 flour mills with 6 in South East Asia and 1 in Turkey. In total, we have close to 6,000 tons per day of wheat milling capacity which is equivalent to almost 1.5 million tons of flour output per year.


Flour Mill Location Country Wheat Processing
Capacity Per Day
Flour Output Per Year
PT Eastern Pearl Flour Mills Makassar, Sulawesi East Indonesia 2,800 tons 700,000 tons
Interflour Vietnam Ltd Vung Tau South Vietnam 1,000 tons 250,000 tons
Prestasi Flour Mill (M) Sdn. Bhd Westport, Port Klang Peninsular Malaysia 850 tons 214,000 tons
Sarawak Flour Mill Sdn. Bhd Kuching, Sarawak East Malaysia 280 tons 70,000 tons
Sabah Flour and Feed Mills Sdn. Bhd Labuan, Sabah East Malaysia 260 tons 65,000 tons
Lahad Datu Flour Mill Sdn. Bhd Lahad Datu , Sabah East Malaysia 300 tons 75,000 tons
Intermil Un Ankara Turkey 400 tons 100,000 tons
Interflour Total   5,890 tons 1,474,000 tons